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A Complete Guide to Relocating to Morristown

If you are looking for a pleasant northern New Jersey town within an easy commute to Newark and New York City, you should strongly consider Morristown, New Jersey. This charming, historic city with a population of approximately 19,000 has everything residents need within its borders as well as in the surrounding big city life.

People who choose to live in Morristown homes enjoy an urban setting and a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. There are excellent parks, schools, restaurants, and shopping to enjoy. Plus, for those with an interest in the bigger cities like New York or Newark, it’s a relatively easy drive or short train ride straight into the hustle and bustle of downtown. Morristown has a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for raising a family or for young professionals who enjoy a slower pace of life.

Hiring an agent

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The first step in getting the keys to a great home in this beautiful suburb is to hire a real estate agent with extensive experience in the local market. Thankfully, the search for excellent Morristown real estate agents can begin and end with the Emily Lafrinere team. With these incredible agents and their excellent connections and insight on your side, your home search just got a lot easier.

Housing market

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Houses in Morristown are often in high demand when it is a seller’s market, but this shouldn’t stop buyers interested in moving to the area. You and your agent will discuss the current state of the housing market, and together you’ll devise a plan for the best time to buy.


People who buy Morristown properties are often thrilled by the community's historical ties. Morristown has been called “The Capital of American Revolution” because of its connection to one of the most formative events in the nation’s history. Morristown was where General George Washington set up his winter headquarters, and his 18th-century home is now known as Washington’s Headquarters Museum.

Another important historical site is the Morristown Historical Park. This 1,676-acre park is part of the U.S. National Historical Park system and has four sites that were critical to the American side during the Revolutionary War. They include the Ford Mansion, which was General Washington’s headquarters; Jockey Hollow; Fort Nonsense; and the New Jersey Brigade Encampment site. Residents often make return visits because there is so much to see, including a visitor’s center, an 18th-century farm, a reconstruction of soldier huts, a three-mile tour road, and 24 miles of hiking trails. There are even re-enactments of Revolutionary War battles to be thrilled by.

Location and commute

Morristown is a perfect location for both families and young professionals. In Morristown, residents have the chance to live and work in a friendly community just beyond the fringes of the greater Newark urban area, full of life and energy. Morristown has an atmosphere all of its own and is an excellent place for people looking for a community with outstanding homes that are perfect for working remotely. However, there is also a convenient train and bus service for those who work in Newark or New York City. The train into Manhattan takes a little more than an hour, and the bus is about one hour and 20 minutes.

Morristown Green

A great place to get your bearings is Morristown Green, which locals refer to simply as “the Green.” This park spans a small 2 ½ acres in the heart of the community and hosts many civic events and festivals. It was the site of General George Washington's headquarters in 1777 and was also used for other military functions.

City parks

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Besides the historical parks and the Morristown Green, there are several excellent city parks perfect for nearly any recreational activity, whether your heart is set on hiking, picnics, swimming, or more. These phenomenal parks include Speedwell Lake Park, Burnham Park, Loantaka Park, Loantaka Brook Reservation, Lidgerwood Park, Jacob Ford Park, and Foote's Pond Park.

Each of these parks offers something a little different, whether they’re tennis courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, swimming pools, or trails for hiking and biking. These parks are close at hand and are extremely popular, especially on summer weekends and warm afternoons.

Downtown scene

Residents of Morristown homes enjoy the lively downtown area, which is busy day and night. The area boasts a variety of shops, boutiques, and numerous restaurants, as well as pubs and other lively night spots where you can head for a bite to eat or for live entertainment. The historic Morristown train station is right in the heart of downtown as well, with several fantastic parks nearby. There is also plenty of parking in the downtown area, making it easy for people to head to their favorite entertainment spots.

Golf courses

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Morristown is also home to several fantastic golf courses. Among them are The Morris County Golf Club, which had a unique beginning as it was founded and operated exclusively by women, and the Spring Brook Country Club. The Morris County Golf Club (MCGG) is a private facility with a family-friendly atmosphere. Other amenities available at the MCGG are swimming and racquet sports, as well as fine dining and social events. The Spring Brook Country Club dates back to 1921 and is a family-oriented, private establishment that hosts many other activities and social events.


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Morristown is served by the highly-rated Morris School District. Among the great schools are Morristown High School, Normandy Park School, Thomas Jefferson School, Frelinghuysen Middle School, Sussex Avenue School, Alexander Hamilton School, and Woodland School. There are also a handful of excellent private schools, such as East Woods School, Fusion Academy, The Red Oaks School, and Morristown Beard School.

Work with an agent

If you are interested in relocating to this charming city and want to start viewing the available houses in Morristown, reach out to the Emily Lafrinere Team for expert guidance every step of the way. As a realtor you can trust, Emily offers fantastic customer service, knowledgeable insights into the market, and the connections you need to find that perfect home for your family.

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