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The town is quiet, laid-back, and attracts professionals and families. 

Mendham Real Estate

A peaceful suburb with a rich history dating back to the Prohibition Era in the heart of northern New Jersey.
Mendham is a charming suburb in northern New Jersey with a peaceful atmosphere and a thriving community. Mendham has single-family homes spread out across well-maintained, tree-lined streets. They are great properties with lots of land and offer residents a serene sense of privacy and refuge away from the rest of the world. The many parks and green spaces spread across the town and surrounding cities make Mendham neighborhoods a paradise for nature lovers. The town is quiet, laid-back, and attracts professionals and families. 
Though Mendham is a primarily residential and suburban neighborhood, it still has everything residents could ask for within or around its borders, from restaurants to shopping centers to cultural sites and more. There is a wonderful local dining scene in Mendham tapping into the Prohibition era elements of the town. There are also several historical museums to educate residents on the history of Mendham dating back hundreds of years. Menham has a central location in proximity to Morristown and New York City, making workday commutes or day trips a breeze.

What to Love

  • Delicious restaurants and charming pubs
  • A residential neighborhood with a peaceful atmosphere 
  • Lots of parks and green space to explore 
  • A rich history dating back hundreds of years

Local Lifestyle

Everyday life in Mendham is peaceful and down-to-earth. As a town that has something to offer everyone, residents thoroughly enjoy their lives in Mendham and take advantage of the many amenities the town has to offer. From attending its selection of local dining to spending sunny days in the parks going on hiking excursions, everyday life here is calm and relaxed.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

While Mendham doesn’t have a downtown per se, it still has a few attractions, shops, and restaurants in town that residents frequently attend. The Blackhorse Tavern and Pub is a local favorite among residents. Serving up traditional American cuisine for over 300 years, it has the title of New Jersey’s oldest continually running restaurant, opening its doors all the way back in 1742. Sammy’s Ye Old Cider Mill is another destination that speaks to the history of the region, with dry-aged meats and cocktails served in rooms that used to be speakeasies. For authentic Italian dishes, residents prefer Dante’s Ristorante, a fabulous restaurant with a great atmosphere and fantastic food. Be sure you save room for the Banana Flambe or their warm butter cake with blueberries and vanilla gelato. 
For shopping in Mendham, there’s a selection of boutiques and specialty shops to choose from, and larger shopping centers in the surrounding towns. Mendham is also close to Morristown and New York City, making day trips or evenings out to lively areas a breeze.

Things to Do

There’s always a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends in Mendham. For those looking to soak in the history of the area, there’s a few local attractions to choose from. The Ralston Cider Mill Museum transports visitors back in time to the Prohibition era and allows them to sample fresh cider and see how it was made in those times. The Ralston General Store Museum is another specialty destination showcasing artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries. For lovers of the great outdoors, Mountain Valley Park is perfect for hiking and biking trails, and even offers skating in the winter on its pond. India Brook Park is another lovely spot to go for a picnic on a sunny day.


Mendham students are served by the Mendham Township School District


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